Friday, 10 February 2012

Deficit Model of Language

Robin Lakoff - Believed that women's language is weaker and are socialised into sounding like ladies
They use a greater rage of colour terms
Use "empty" adjectives (example: "it was nice")
Use intensifers (example: "so..", "very..")
Use tag questions (example: "it's a nice day, isn't it?)
Use hedges
Use vague language (example: "..and stuff")

Problems - are tag questions really expessions of uncertainty? or are they used to continue a conversation?
Vague language allows speakers to sound relaxed and informal
Who might use elaborate systems of colour reference

Further research - Zimmerman and West 1975
Overlaps (22 in same-sex pairs, 9 in mixed-sex all men overlapping women)
Interruptions (7 in same-sex pairs, 48 in mixed-sex, 46 men interupt)
Silences (Same-sex 1.35 seconds, mixed-sex 3.21 seconds)
98% of interruptions came from men

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